Why Small Businesses Need to Focus on Cybersecurity

Small businesses typically do not pay attention to their cybersecurity. It is seen as a waste of precious resources. As a result, there is a clear lack of long-term strategy, if not outright neglect. However, even small and medium businesses can no longer afford to ignore cybersecurity in Miami.

Because even SMBs are facing attacks

It is a fallacy that only big businesses attract malicious cyber attacks. While such an attack could potentially be a big achievement for a hacker, it could also require too much effort and time. As a result, many hackers choose multiple attacks on small business, which is easier to manage because of poor security infrastructure.

Because a single attack can be disastrous

When we think of headline-making cyberattacks, the figures are usually astronomical. The loss in case of similar attacks in the SMB sector could be a fraction of that, but its effect on the organization could be far more disastrous. A small business simply cannot take that kind of loss.

Because failure can attract legal sanctions/fines

Businesses that deal with personally identifiable information or PII can now come under the legal scanner for failing to provide adequate cybersecurity in Miami. This includes businesses that deal with financial or personal data.

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