Infographic : 4 Ways Cloud Computing Helps Businesses

This infographic titled “Benefits of Cloud Computing” illustrates the benefits of adopting cloud computing in business processes. With cloud computing, we use the internet to store, process and manage data instead of relying on local servers.

There are many benefits to switching to cloud computing:

Cost efficient: Moving to cloud computing is perhaps the most cost efficient method of data management and maintenance. Without cloud computing,it is necessary to invest in expensive IT systems for the same purpose. These systems take up space and are quite expensive to run and maintain. You will also need additional staff to run these. Cloud computing offers more affordable options. Plus, it is also easy to scale up.

Security: The main purpose of cloud computing is to protect critical business data from theft, breaches and loss of data. It is very effective in protecting against malicious attacks like viruses and hacking. In fact, 94% of businesses that changed to cloud computing reported an improvement in security after the change. Ensuring security could also be a legal requirement for businesses that deal with sensitive information.

Flexibility: The modern workplace needs flexible functionality where working from home provides access to business processes. Cloud computing allows this flexibility in work practices. An internet connection is the only requirement to ensure access to data. It improves coordination within teams and with clients.

Mobility: More and more business processes must be accessible by mobiles. Mobiles are used to fix appointments, check data when on the field; coordinate with colleagues; communicateand store data. Employees often take their work with them through mobiles and tablets to stay up-to-date with their colleagues and clients. Cloud computing allows the data to be accessible on employees’ phones no matter where they are.

If you are still not convinced, see the infographic below.