Infographic: What Does it Really Mean When They Say WeAre“Moving to the Cloud?”

The Infographic, “Things to consider before moving to the Cloud,” explains the practical aspects of transitioning a business to the cloud computing process. Additionally, the different types of cloud variants available and the diverse technologies employed by Cloud Service Providers are also explained.

Currently, there are three kinds of cloud variants offered by cloud computing companies.The first variant is a Public Cloud, which has all the data outside the company hosted on a public cloud service platform. The second variant is a Private cloud, which hosts all the confidential data, applications, and services from the company on a private cloud server. The third variant is a hybrid cloud, which offers separate storage for vital information and data on a hybrid cloud, and the rest of the data hosted on a private cloud server.

Apart from the cloud hosting options available for your company, your service provider can also help you with choosing Linux or Windows platforms for running your applications in the cloud. This will help you run applications smoothly once you have migrated to the cloud.

To learn more about cloud computing, refer to the infographic below.

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